Italian retired teacher who invented a mobile library
to serve small villages on the hills


In kiswahili Kabiliana means confronting one another, and what is the best place where to confront with others than through books? I grew up reading voraciously and as a lonely child in the house I used my imagination to act all what I've been reading at the end of each book. It was fun, sometimes I was a mosquettier, some other a pirate inspired by Jules Verne and Italian author Emilio Salgari, some other times I was Austen's Elizabeth Bennet or Cosette protagonist of the Miserable by Victor Hugo. The walls of my room were the perfect scenographies for my own stories and I could spend hours forgetting the world outside, my real life and live other lives, other realities which looked to me more real than real life.

I 'd like to quote Indian-American author Mitali Perkins who talks about books as windows and mirrors. Definetly bringing books to children who don't have is gifting them of many windows and mirrors, a sight on different worlds and the possibility to identify with experiences and situations no matter distances, places, borders, languages, cultures.