Valentina Acava Mmaka, born in Rome and raised in South Africa, she is a writer and intercultural mediator collaborating with different kind of Organizations in Europe and in some African countries.  She is author of several books: Il mondo a colori della famiglia BwanaVal - Kabiliana 2002 (children);Jabuni il mistero della città sommersa - EMI 2003 (children); Amani i nomi della pace - EMI 2004 (children), L'ottava nota- Prospettiva 2002 (poetry); Io..donna...immigrata... volere dire scrivere - EMI 2004 (drama);Cercando  - Lindiwe Epoché 2007 (novel); Il Viaggio capovolto - Epoché 2010 (novel). She organizes different types of multicultural workshops for adults and children and writing workshops for migrants and refugees :Writing Across Borders.
In 2006 she founded the Soggetto Nomade Intercultural Workshop and in it the KabilianaProject which aims to promote educational projects in different countries starting from providing disadvantaged areas with sustainable libraries allowing children and adults to have easy access to books. Her work has been widely praised for promoting diversity as a value and intercultural dialogue, as well as contributing in defending the rights of migrants and refugees through her writing and workshops.
In 2011 she has founded in Cape Town the Gugu Women Lab a collective of South African and immigrant women involved in a writing project focused on human rights. The result of this experience is the play "THE CUT- LO STRAPPO. Voices from the night", which is now on stage in Europe.
Her work has been studied in University and degree thesis were dedicated to her work and also published in Italy. Among others here a selection:

-Valentina Acava Mmaka. La Poetica e il Teatro
Il Teatro Multietnico nell' era globale: prospettive pedagogiche interculturali.
By Eleonora Orrù, Dott.ssa in Educational Science- University of Messina. Year 2006.

-The Literature of migration in Oltre la cittadinanza: comunità inoperose e nuovi intrusi. By Ramona Parenzan. Faculty of Philosphy University of Urbino. Year 2007

-Anonime in terra straniera in Femminilità negata nel mondo. By Daniela Spaletra. Academy of Fine Art in Carrara. Year 2007.

She has taken part in international conferences, round table, meetings together with many world praised authors.

In 2011 Valentina A. Mmaka took part to the 1st Colloquium of Italian Studies at UNISA (Pretoria), organized in collaboration with Italian Institute of Culture (Pretoria) presenting a paper titled: Africa in the Italian Imaginary: stereotypes in literature and media.

In the same occasion Professor ANTONELLA PIAZZA (UNISA - PRETORIA /UNIVERSITY OF PARMA/ITALY) presented a comparatistic study on Valentina Mmaka’s novel “ CERCANDO LINDIWE”(Looking for Lindiwe) and Primo Levi’s “IF THIS IS A MAN”. The work of Prof. PIAZZA titled: “THE ISSUE OF IDENTITY IN MMAKA AND LEVI’S WORK”, confronts Mmaka’s novel and Primo Levi’s books on the issue of identity during the Nazism in Europe(LEVI) and the apartheid (MMAKA) in South Africa.

When she is not writing...

She visits schools and libraries discussing about diversity, racism, Africa, crossing cultures.
She also coordinates  creative workshops for children and adults

She organizes writing workshops for children and adults.
She is invited in meeting,conferences, round table.

In Cape Town with author Kiran Desai

In Siena with author Anita Desai

With Author Bapsi Sidhwa