Thursday, July 30, 2009


The Ofafa Jericho Primary School in Nairobi doesn't have a library. I met some of the students of the school, here you can see them, and they would really love to have books to read. We had a splendid time with Lavine, Mercy, Juliet, Lucy, Redenpter, Macline... they told me their dreams and their ambitions, how they would love to contribute to the growth of their ocuntry. They'd love to become doctors, teachers and journalist... very ambitious and very brillant, I've seen their excercise books, they have lovely marks even though their life in the slum is full of hardship. When they go home they help their mums, they wash their own clothes and help cooking and taking care of little brothers and sisters. They are lovely and they deserve to have access to books because they all believe that books will help them to open their mind and know what is around the world.

We have to thank Amy Bowllan, her generosity os gourgeous. Thank you Amy for what you do for our causes through your site SCHOOL LIBRARY JOURNAL.