Thursday, September 18, 2008


It' s only few days that the news in online and we finally got the first books for the Kabiliana Project. That is extremely great!

Here the first titles:

  • Abunuwasi by Gado (kiswhaili)
  • Ndoto Ya Amerika by Ken Walibora (kiswahili)
  • Manywele by Tuf (kiswahili)
  • Mekatilili Wa Menza by Elizabeth Mugi-Ndua (English)

Thank's to donators for their support.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Finally we got the first sponsor who will help us in trying to make possible the Zanzibar Mobile Library, and that is Soggetto Nomade onlus which is a non profit organization registered in Italy. This is a first step and hope that other association will support us.
What I'll ask to all friends and new readers, authors and illustrators, librarians and teachers is to help me in making a list of children's book titles for primary school children. You can send titles/authors through this blog.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mobile Library for Tanzania/Zanzibar

Kabiliana in kiswahili language means "confront each other" and with this name I'll support the Mobile Library Project actually sponsored by Soggetto Nomande onlus (non profit multicultural Association registered in Italy) which consist in providing Zanzibar Island of a mobile library.I'm already collecting funds doing readings and representing one of my best staged play with a Theatre Company. The project aims to bring books to children who have none, serving schools, orphanages and street children's organizaion especially in remote areas.
We all know that books are the basic tools of education, yet millions of children across Africa have never owned a book nor have access to books.
Information literacy, the development of which is accepted as the central mission of school librarians, is a necessary prerequisite for successful participation in the global information society. There is already evidence that teachers are struggling to implement the new methods - owing to gaps in their training, lack of support, and shortages of resources. Since only a tiny minority of Tanzanian schools have qualified school librarians (indeed less than a third have any sort of library), the successful development of information literacy depends on classroom teachers.

We basically need:

- a transportation (bus, ape piaggio, donkey, motorcycle, etc...)
- books for primary school children
- book text for training teachers
- volunteers.
The bus will have on board one or two volunteer teachers at a time (coming from anywhere for a specific period allowing different teachers to run this role) who will help sensitize teachers and parents to help their children develop healthy reading habits.

Ways to support this project are :

- sharing the news. If you have your own blog you can blog this news. I'm available to give more infos about the project/ interviews.
- informing about Foundations in your country ready to partecipate in fund rising
- publishers or authors ready to donate one copy of their book/s
- teachers eventually ready to spend a period as a volunteer (periods mainly not less than one month)
- writers (volunteer) who'd like to donate their time in arranging workshops

Within the project I thought will be nice to promote a literary contest among the schools that will be visited by the Mobile Library. The child or children who will be the winners will receive a symbolic personal prize and a box full of books and school text for the school itself. In case we may need volunteer authors, teachers, and psychologists who 'd enjoy reading the works of the children. Lucky enough internet can break distances and we can easily make it possible!

Anyone who 'd like to collaborate in one of the above mentioned ways can send a post specifiying how will he/she help.

Every week I'll add on the blog all the writers, teachers, etcc... linking to their blog or sites.
Soon I'll set up a website. Meanwhile I want to thank Stefania Pravato, my illustrator who designed the beautiful logo.

Thank you all in advance and please feel free to share your ideas/suggestions.
Valentina Acava Mmaka