Monday, October 13, 2008

Invitation to writers and illustrators

Yesterday I was intending to meet some staff of a children's Library in La Spezia to see if it's possible to organize a reading for children but when I reached the place I found it was closed due to a not specified reason. Anyway the lights were on and I could see inside through the windows ... I saw a colourful warm place with red and orange tables, green, blue and pink chairs and the walls full of books ordered in wooden shelves... but what I enjoyed most standing outside, was reading some sentences on wallpapers hanged on top of the shelves, sentences that underline the pleasure of reading, a clear invitation about discovering the joy of reading. And because we are involved in supporting reading as a very important need for everyone I want to share these sentences here.

Rospo che legge diventa re = Toad who read becomes a King
Chi legge guarda lontano= Who read can see far
Chi legge ascolta la musica della vita = Who reads listen to the music of life
Esci dal gregge e bruca un bel libro = Go out of the flock and browse on a good book.
Chi legge vola alto= Who read flies high
Chi legge non ha paura= Who read doesn't fear
Chi legge non è mai solo= Who read is never alone
Tenera è la notte con un libro per sognare = Sweet is the night with a nice book to dream
Chi legge ha sete di sogni = who read is thirsty of dreams
Chi legge viaggia con la mente = Who read travels with the mind
Chi legge cerca pace =Who read looks for peace
Chi legge non si fa lavare il cervello=Who read never allows a brainwash

I discovered that Fatatrac Publisher distributes these wallpapers, I thought why don't ask writers and illustrators to write /illustrate their own sentence on how is reading...for them trying to find nice and stimulating metaphoras.


Susan Wingate said...

Your blog is beautiful! -Susan.

Valentina Acava Mmaka said...

Thank you Susan, I'm happy you enjoy the blog. I hope to read something by you. :))Valentina

Linda Austin said...

I love the beautiful alligator(?) poster! Thanks, Valentina.

Valentina Acava Mmaka said...

Thank you too Linda for passing by. I thought it was a wolf... I think it refers to the story "Little Red Cap"... the message says: "who read never fears".
I hope to read your sentence here..

Philippa Yaa De Villiers said...

"between the pages of a book
i discovered
all i have ever wanted
all i have ever lost
the adventure of life"

Valentina Acava Mmaka said...

Thank you Philippa!

Katia said...

The SCBWI slogan for this year's national conference in Los Angeles was READING IS POWER !
I think it's very true.