Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fund Rising

Friday evening we had a nice time presenting the Kabiliana Project at San Terenzo's Auditorium. A part from the heavy rain that fell down for the whole day, there were about 35 people who enjoyed the reading performance sharing their thoughts on our cause. There was also a nice number of children following their parents who were really attentive even though the performance wasn't for them. Thank's to all for the efforts done to support our cause. We started presenting the project, the aim of bringing literacy where reading and studying is still a privilege of few children. Then the lights turned off and the reading started. For the scenography we haven't found much, as the hall is used for several purposes it looks very neutral, but there was a Moroccan Carpet on the floor with several coloured pillows and the actresses were sitting there waiting for their turn to read. Each actress read one of three monologues and the fourth one had the role as a second voice for each monologue. The monologues have this particular "language game" where words or sentences are reapeated to empower the inner message. We organised a small buffet and a table with copies of my books. At the end we chatted with the guests and joined links with new interesting people.

Hopefully we'll repeat this experience but this time for children with a special afternoon dedicated to them.

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